HIV AIDS 4 hour training

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This course will cover all topics recommended and provided by the Washington State Health Department as well as expand on many important factors. Our intent is to improve and/or save lives by providing unique, best in its field, one-of-a-kind training.

KNOW Curriculum

Edition 7- December 2014 revised and edited by Janee Moore MPH, Luke Syphard MPH, and David Heal MSW

By the end of this training, you should know whether the following statements are true or false:

  1. HIV and AIDS are the same thing.
  2. There is a cure for AIDS.
  3. A person can get HIV by sharing an injection needle with someone who has HIV.
  4. A person can get HIV if she or he has sex with someone who has HIV.
  5. AIDS is the cause of HIV.
  6. HIV is killed by bleach.
  7. It is possible to get HIV when a person gets a tattoo.
  8. A pregnant woman with HIV can give the virus to her unborn baby.
  9. Pulling out the penis before a man climaxes keeps a woman from getting HIV during sex.
  10. Showering or washing one’s genitals after sex keeps a person from getting HIV.
  11. Eating healthy foods can keep a person from getting HIV.
  12. Using a latex condom or rubber can lower a person’s chance of getting HIOV.
  13. Taking a birth control pill keeps a woman from getting HIV.
  14. A diaphragm and a birth control pill provide the same protection against HIV infection.
  15. A person with HIV can look and feel healthy.
  16. People who have been infected with HIV quickly show serious signs of being infected.
  17. A person can be infected with HIV for 5 years or more without getting AIDS.
  18. There is a vaccine that can stop adults from getting AIDS.
  19. There is a blood test to tell if a person has been infected with HIV.
  20. A person cannot get HIV by having oral sex, mouth to penis, with a man who has HIV.
  21. A woman cannot get HIV if she has sex during her period.
  22. You can usually tell if someone has HIV by looking at them.
  23. A person will NOT get HIV if she or he is taking antibiotics.
  24. Taking a test for HIV one week after having sex will tell a person if she or he has HIV.
  25. A person can get HIV by sitting in a hot tub or a swimming pool with a person who has HIV.
  26. A person is more likely to get HIV if she or he has another STD (VD), such as herpes or the clap.
  27. A person can get HIV if having oral sex, mouth on vagina, with a woman.
  28. If a person tests positive for HIV, then the test site will have to tell all of his or her parents.
  29. Washing drug use equipment with cold water kills HIV.
  30. Douching after sex will keep a woman from getting HIV.


There are three versions of this course. Some professionals require two hours of training, while others require either four or seven.
Please consult the Department of Health at 800-525-0127 for any questions regarding hourly requirements. Health (800-525-0127) with specific questions about hourly requirements. HIV PREVENTION EDUCATION
Etiology and Epidemiology of HIV